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At the beginning of each hole, a golfer hits his ball from a tee that raises it above the ground. Education

What Does a Golfer Do?

A golfer plays the sport of golf for a living, often trying to play in the Professional Golfer's Association tournaments or...

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Strength conditioning can help a golfer improve the power behind his or her swing. Fitness

What are Golf Exercises?

Golf exercises are exercises that are used to train the body in such a way as to improve a person's golf game. The main types of...

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Many golf shoes have soft rubber spikes to prevent the player from sliding. Hobbies

What are Golf Shoes?

Golf shoes are specialized shoes with spikes on the bottom that keep a golfer's feet from sliding on the course while making a...

Bryan Pedersen
Folded golf towels. Hobbies

What is a Golf Towel?

A golf towel is a small, highly absorbent towel that golfers use to wipe their hands and faces while playing. Most golf towels are...

Malcolm Tatum
The United States Golf Association requires that golf balls cannot have a velocity of more than 250 feet per second. Hobbies

What are Illegal Golf Balls?

Illegal golf balls are those that don't conform to the regulations for play in certain tournaments. They are typically much more...

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