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What Does a Golf Mechanic Do?

Licia Morrow
Licia Morrow

A golf mechanic works to maintain the various machines and pieces of equipment used in golf course upkeep and operation. Part of this job may entail servicing golf carts, while other aspects of this profession require repair and protection of grounds equipment such as mowers and clippers. A mechanic will usually work on the grounds of the golf course, and also in the golf shop performing repairs, maintenance, and cleaning of items used by golfers and staff. While much of the job is manual, a mechanic must also be able to understand and apply knowledge from equipment manuals, and calculate schedules and repair time.

Engine maintenance and repair is a large part of any golf mechanic job. This can include smaller engines on grass cutting equipment, or bigger engines like those found on construction equipment. A mechanic is responsible for diagnosing and repairing any problems found with this equipment. He must keep all golf course engines such as those in tractors, transport vehicles, and chainsaws in smooth operating order. He may also need to repair other parts of equipment such as the suspension or electrical systems.

A golf mechanic may have to service golf carts.
A golf mechanic may have to service golf carts.

A golf course uses many other types of equipment to do landscaping and a golf mechanic may be in charge of fixing, preparing, and cleaning these as well. This can include items such as clippers or edgers which need to be sharpened or oiled. The golf mechanic may also be responsible for keeping an inventory and controlling a budget for these accessories.

While a golf mechanic is often called to a specific location out on the golf course to assist with repairs, he also spends much of his time in the golf shop. Here he is responsible for the routine care of the shop and its machinery, such as polishers, saws, and drills. He is also in charge of shop safety, and communicating safe operational requirements and machine maintenance standards to other golf course staff members.

To maintain carts, a golf mechanic may be in charge of cleaning and repairing parts of the golf carts including the battery, tires, and underneath the carriages. This type of mechanic is also responsible for testing, replacing, and fixing the batteries of the golf carts. A golf mechanic routinely checks the connections, cables, and battery water levels as well. Additionally, he should be able to troubleshoot and fix more sophisticated problems with the operation of the golf carts, such as suspension defaults.

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    • A golf mechanic may have to service golf carts.
      By: Denis Gladkiy
      A golf mechanic may have to service golf carts.