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What are Different Types of Golf Fitness Equipment?

Paul Woods
Paul Woods

Golf fitness equipment is specifically designed or general-use training equipment employed to improve a golfer’s physical and mental condition, particularly in areas that will result in enhanced playing ability. A variety of golf fitness equipment products are geared toward building strength in the body’s core including medicine balls, stretch bands and even DVDs.

Golf fitness equipment typically targets one of three areas of conditioning: balance, strength or flexibility. These areas of conditioning can be applied throughout the body but usually target the body’s central core, legs, wrists and shoulders.

Golfers can use free weights to improve strength.
Golfers can use free weights to improve strength.

Medicine balls of various sizes are among the easier to use items in this category. Using a smaller medicine ball requires a golfer to take a golf stance, hold the ball instead of a club and make repeated golf swing motions. The ball, which is usually heavier than a golf club, builds the muscles involved in the swing and adds power.

Another traditional conditioning tool used by golfers to build strength is a stretch band. These are elastic bands with a hand grip on each end. They come in varying degrees of elasticity resulting in varying degrees of resistance. By pulling the stretch band in various directions both in front of and in back of the body, the golfer can build a variety a muscles including those in the chest, arms and shoulders. Stretch bands can be used to build leg strength as well.

Some golf trainers advise using stretching exercises to stretch particular muscles prior to playing a round of golf. Golf fitness equipment for stretching includes straps of varying lengths that have a buckle on one end. These straps, which often are made of nylon webbing, can be wrapped about an arm, leg or foot and provide resistance as the golfer attempts to stretch a particular muscle.

Golf fitness equipment also includes general-use training tools and material that goes beyond physical training. Many suppliers offer books and DVDs of golf fitness training regimens that include diet and mental fitness training. Free or resistance weights that can be used for any type of physical condition also can be considered golf fitness equipment when used to build those muscles used in playing golf.

Maintaining good balance is also considered a key component of golf fitness. Balance disks and balance domes are common golf fitness equipment items used to improve balance. Both the disks and inflatable domes are typically made of a soft rubber material that gives easily as the golfer stands on them. This creates an imbalanced stance the golfer must compensate for. Repeated use is designed to build muscle memory in the feet and legs and improve balance.

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    • Golfers can use free weights to improve strength.
      By: Warren Goldswain
      Golfers can use free weights to improve strength.