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What is a Golf Umbrella?

Jodee Redmond
Jodee Redmond

A golf umbrella protects golfers from the rain and the sun. It is designed to be much larger than a standard umbrella, to protect both the golfer and his or her cart. While originally designed for the golfer on the course, it is also used by non-golfers in cities and elsewhere to provide better protection than smaller umbrellas that might not fully protect against the rain.

Most golf umbrellas measure between 60 and 65 inches (about 152 and 165 cm), and some are as large as 70 inches (about 178 cm). To keep the umbrella from being too heavy, it is generally made with a shaft fashioned out of fiberglass. The umbrella's spreaders are also made out of this material. Other than being lightweight, another advantage to using fiberglass is that it renders the golf umbrella lightning resistant.

Fiberglass golf umbrellas are lightning resistant.
Fiberglass golf umbrellas are lightning resistant.

The large size and sturdiness of the canopy of the golf umbrella helps prevent strong winds from turning the umbrella inside out. An ergonomic handle is another important feature, since a golfer will want to make sure that his or her hand is kept in a natural position while holding it. Gripping the golf umbrella shouldn't make the hand cramp as this could affect the golfer's swing. 

Golf umbrellas are bigger than regular umbrellas to protect both golfer and golf cart.
Golf umbrellas are bigger than regular umbrellas to protect both golfer and golf cart.

The umbrella is an ancient invention that has been around for centuries. Artifacts and art from the ancient civilizations of Assyria, China, Egypt, and Greece indicate that umbrellas were used. At that time, an umbrella was used to protect the user from the sun's rays. The first waterproofed umbrella was used in China. Wax and lacquer were used to make paper parasols suitable for rain protection.

People in Europe were using umbrellas to protect themselves from the rain by the 16th century. Women were the first to carry umbrellas as a fashion accessory, but this changed when Jonas Hanway, a writer, started carrying one in public. He was responsible for popularizing umbrellas for men. In fact, an umbrella was often referred to as a "Hanway."

Golf umbrellas can also be used for advertising purposes. Putting a company logo or message on one means the advertiser's message is a highly visible one. Other players on the course will be able to see the umbrella and will be taking note of what is printed on it. For this reason, companies may decide to give away a golf umbrella to their customers, as well as their employees. Any time the umbrella is opened, it is a way to get the company's message out to the general public. 

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Look online. They have some fabulous ones out of London.


@tolleranza - I know what you mean! I could only find "sporty" golf umbrellas when I first started looking, no cute girlie ones. But yet wherever I looked I kept finding small umbrellas in all colors and designs.

I finally gave up finding them in stores, I do not know if they were just a seasonal item or what, but I just could not seem to find cute ones easily. So even though I am not a huge online shopper, I found Target online has fashionable ones and by purchasing one from Target, if I did not like the quality I could return it at the store.

Also you mentioned that you could not think of another reason not to use a golf umbrella, but I have one more - convenience in random rain showers. I always carry a small umbrella in my purse for just such cases and I can't think of a single purse that can hold a golf umbrella.


My husband brought home this huge custom umbrella (it had a company's logo on it) he had won. I have never played golf and never really lived in a rainy climate, so I had to ask him about this huge umbrella, I almost thought it was a beach umbrella! He has played golf and just generally could not believe I had never seen a golf umbrella before.

I do not know if the custom golf umbrella helped the company whose name is on the umbrella gain customers, but it helped the golf umbrella industry gain a fan! I will never go back to those little umbrellas again. I barely get wet when I use my large golf umbrella and they never get wind blown over.

Now, I would not suggest using them in a crowd but I cannot think of another reason not to use them.

I would like to go out and get a more girly umbrella to eventually replace the promotional golf umbrella, where might a woman find get a non golf related golf umbrella for sale? I have found such golf umbrellas such as a callaway golf umbrella but in being an actual golf company they are not exactly the cutest umbrellas I have seen.

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    • Fiberglass golf umbrellas are lightning resistant.
      By: Darren Falkenberg
      Fiberglass golf umbrellas are lightning resistant.
    • Golf umbrellas are bigger than regular umbrellas to protect both golfer and golf cart.
      By: Denis Gladkiy
      Golf umbrellas are bigger than regular umbrellas to protect both golfer and golf cart.