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What are Customized Golf Tees?

Customized golf tees are personalized markers that elevate your game by adding a unique touch to your golfing equipment. They can feature your name, logo, or a special message, making them a standout accessory on the green. Intrigued by how these small details can enhance your golf experience? Discover the impact of customization on your next round.
R. Kayne
R. Kayne

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, making customized golf tees a great party favor, marketing tool, or corporate give-away. Customized golf tees are colorful tees with custom printed stems, normally including 1-4 lines of text with a length of about 20 characters each. Logos can also be printed on customized golf tees with customer-supplied artwork.

For small businesses of all kinds, a bowl of customized golf tees sitting at the checkout counter is an inexpensive way to create good will and customer loyalty. Inviting the customer to take a few tees with your business' name, address, phone or logo, will keep your business fresh in the mind of your customers even while engaged in other activities. This helps reinforce customer relations and encourages repeat business. A substantial return for a small investment.

A person playing golf.
A person playing golf.

The same principles apply at other stratums of the business world. Customized golf tees are an excellent give-away at conventions, symposiums, and vendor shows. Thanks to the ubiquitousness of golf, customized golf tees can be included free in shipments to clients, even when the business product is unrelated to golf or sports. Undoubtedly someone at the other end will make use of the tees, keeping your advertising dollars hard at work.

Customized golf tees start at about $30 (US dollars) for 150 multi-colored tees with 1-4 lines of black printed text. The more tees purchased, the lower the unit price. Different ink colors or logo artwork adds to the price.

A golf course.
A golf course.

For an alternate style of customized golf tees, consider non-printed multicolored tees in matchbook-like packets, with the customized printing on the packet itself, rather than the tees. These packets can be very elegant, and can make a classy statement about your business. Other packaging themes include small plastic bottles with printed labels or velveteen pouches with embroidered logos. Pre-packaged customized golf tees normally pack 4-10 tees to a package, and may or may not include markers.

Many companies that supply customized golf tees will also supply customized markers. Use a search engine to browse suppliers for ideas that suit your business or party favor needs best.

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    • A person playing golf.
      By: sculpies
      A person playing golf.
    • A golf course.
      By: Blair Howard
      A golf course.