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Perfect Your Golf Game: the Top 7 Drinks and Snacks Golfers Should Try

Fuel your game with the best golf snacks and drinks designed to keep your energy up and your focus sharp. From protein-packed nuts to hydrating sports drinks, we've curated a list that balances taste and nutrition. Discover your new favorites that fit perfectly in your golf bag. Curious about what makes the cut? Keep reading to elevate your golfing experience.
Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Golfers can burn up to 600 calories an hour, so having snacks for golfing on hand is important to staying well on the course. From fruits and nuts to nutrition-boosting super greens, we’ve put together a helpful list of the best snacks and drinks for golfers to keep on hand whenever they play.

Golf requires a lot of mental focus and physical effort. For such an energy-consuming sport, golfers have to keep nourishing snacks and drinks nearby so they can always bring their best to the course. 

Snacks for Golfing: The Essentials

Before we dive into specific suggestions, there are some characteristics of great snacks for golfing that we want to cover. 

It’s critical for golfers to always stay hydrated

With an 18-hole round burning up to 1,200 calories, that means you’ll also be losing plenty of fluids. Adequate hydration is important for many reasons, and it can help prevent problems like muscle cramps, dizziness, high blood pressure, and even fainting. 

Golfers need carbohydrates 

This is to fuel their muscles and brain during their sport. Without enough healthy carbs, you can suffer from low energy and struggle to maintain good form or exert enough force in your swings.

Snacks should support a healthy diet 

Golfers need to always eat a nutritious meal before a game. When they fuel adequately prior to hitting the course, they’ll have maximum energy and be able to maintain its level throughout their rounds by timing their snacks and drinks accordingly. 

The 7 Best Drinks and Snacks for Golfing

Golf is a challenging game that requires a lot of stamina and strength. In order to have the energy to keep up with the game, it is important to have the right kind of food and drink that will provide you with the necessary nutrients and keep you going. 

Here are the 7 best drinks and snacks for golfing.

1. Mixed Nuts

Nuts are an excellent source of vitamins, protein, and antioxidants. They’re also high in healthy fats, which keeps you full on the course. You won’t have to worry about a growling stomach distracting you from your swing.

Take your pick of nuts, and create a snackable blend to tote along with you. Cashews, peanuts, almonds, and pistachios are all great choices. 

2. Banana Smoothies

A banana blended with 1 cup of strawberries and 1 cup of skim, whole, or almond milk can provide you with a blast of potassium and hydration on the golf course. Fruit sugar can provide golfers with a great source of quick energy, so drinking a smoothie from freshly blended produce is a good way to stay hydrated and fuel up before a game. 

3. Trail Mix 

Combining mixed nuts with some dried fruit creates countless possibilities, and they’re all great when it comes to maximizing your golf game. Trail mix, specifically ones made from raw nuts and unsweetened dried fruit, can give your body an important dose of glucose and fructose before a game.

Most fruits are half-and-half, and research shows a combination of them can help increase exercise endurance. Thankfully, trail mix is a lightweight snack that’s easy to carry on the golf course. Consider eating some before your game starts, as well as during the halfway point of your game.

4. Superfoods Drink

A superfoods blend, like Live it Up Super Greens, can help you improve gut health and aid digestion. On the course, this is important to ensure proper energy release. Drinking a superfoods blend will gear you up for a great round, thanks to ultra-nourishing superfoods like dark, leafy greens, fruit, spirulina, monk fruit, and ginger root.

With a single scoop of Live it Up Super Greens, you can get your entire day’s worth of greens. These vegetables are a favorite of TGA Tour rookie, Dylan Wu. He says he always makes sure to get plenty of them during lunch, and he usually accompanies them with some type of lean protein.

5. Vegan Jerky

Beef jerky is a long-time favorite among golfers, but vegan jerky is a better alternative for a few reasons. For starters, it doesn’t contain anywhere near as many additives or unhealthy ingredients. This means less refined sugar, high sodium, and even MSG. 

Vegan alternatives for jerky are more low-fat, and they tend to pack nutritional benefits from their vegetable-derived formulas. 

6. Coconut Water

With only 46 calories per cup, coconut water makes a great golf course drink that’s filled with electrolytes and sugar. Make sure, if you opt for this drink, that you only use one made from pure coconuts with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Some of the top-hitting electrolytes in coconut water include sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. 

For golfers, electrolytes are important in maintaining hydration levels and improving muscle concentration. Although you’ll lose more water than electrolytes through sweat while golfing, it’s still important to continually replenish them while you play. 

7. Protein Bars

A healthy snack and all-in-one heavy-hitter, protein bars or energy bars are classic snacks on the course. The secret to choosing the right one lies in the ingredient list. Make sure your protein bar is sourced from naturally derived ingredients and doesn’t contain sugar alcohols, high fructose corn syrup, casein, whey, or carrageenans. 

Instead, look for “clean” protein bars that have whole-food ingredients. You can even make your own protein-packed granola bars by blending oats and granola, peanut butter, and nuts.

Stay Healthy On and Off the Course

Choosing the right diet will help you maintain good physical form and mental focus before, during, and after games. Living a healthy life is one of the best things an athlete can do to invest in themselves and their sport.

If you want to learn more about getting the most out of your diet, explore nutritional blends at Live it Up

As you work on perfecting your golf game, having the right snacks and drinks will keep you at the top of your game, whether you're on the green or practicing on your very own home putting green.

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